İç denetim; şirket ve kurumlarda mali raporlama sisteminin güvenilirliği, yasa ve düzenlemelere uygunluk, faaliyetlerin ekonomikliği, etkinliği ve verimliliği, bilgi sistemlerinin güvenliği ve güvenilirliği için vazgeçilmez faaliyetlerden biri olarak kabul edilir.

Internal audit is considered as one of the indispensable activities for the reliability of the financial reporting system, compliance with laws and regulations, the economic, effectiveness and efficiency of the activities, the security and reliability of information systems in companies and institutions.

We can list the benefits of Internal Audit below.

  • Identifying internal and external risks to prevent the company from reaching its goals and objectives and ensuring effective management;
  • Optimizing costs and ensuring efficiency in operations;
  • Prevention of losses due to mistakes, abuse or fraud;
  • Early detection and prevention of unforeseen events that could have devastating consequences for the company. Minimizing the damage caused by such events;
  • To ensure that the company sees opportunities in the internal and external environment;
  • Increasing the company’s operational efficiency;
  • Developing Corporate Governance practices and increasing corporate reputation;
  • Supporting the Company to increase its resilience to economic, financial and real sector crises;
  • Maintaining the reliability and accuracy of the operational and financial data used by the company managers in decision making with the financial reports made by the company to the public;
  • Protection and recording of company assets;
  • Ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations to which the company is subject;
  • Apart from the internal audit activity, there is no alternative mechanism that can provide all of the above-mentioned benefits.

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