KEY Bağımsız Denetim Anonim Şirketi was established in 2016 to provide independent audit, corporate finance and specialized consultancy services to businesses in the industry, trade and service sectors.


Kudos International Network, which is rapidly developing in the world and today is known for its special solutions created for individuals and institutions, spreading to continents in more than 33 countries, has preferred to offer its services with KEY Bağımsız Denetim Anonim Şirketi in Turkey since 2020.


Kudos is a member of international Network. Kudos international Network is a British company. Each member company has a separate and independent legal personality and characterizes itself as such. KEY INDEPENDENT AUDIT COMPANY or Kudos international Network member companies are not responsible for each other.

KEY Independent Audit

Independent Audit involves examining the financial statements of companies in line with financial reporting standards and expressing an opinion by the auditor company on whether they accurately and truly present the financial situation and operating results of the company.